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About Bradmanton


Bradmanton Trading and Consulting specialises in the art and function of selling and marketing into emerging markets.

  • Over 20 years of experience in Africa, including Indian Ocean Islands, (see attached for SADAC overview) and surrounding regions.
  • Assistance to new companies who want to enter into the greater Africa and other emerging markets.
  • Networks in place in many countries to offer information on various genres of products and services.
  • A strong local support base with access to many products and the ability to "bridge" deals for prospective exporters.
"Going the EXTRA Mile" is a guide to the inside facts and finer details of how to export to any African country.
Its's a practical, hands on account and easy to understand. It uses real examples that applicable
to exporters, manufacturers, distributors, traders and agents. This book shows you how to get the job done.
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