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These website links are companies, organisations and/or individuals who are connected to me via business.

There are, however, additional websites at the back of my book which do not appear on this list.


Adapt Marketing (Pty) Ltd
Mobile & fixed vending equipment for the beverage industry, made in SA.

Alan Ainslie
Amazing South African wild life illustrator and sculptor of animal images

The British Broadcasting Corporation (see Africa news section)

Business in Africa
Up-to-date Africa information.

East London IDZ
State of the art free port facilities situated in East London, South Africa.

Elvin Group (Pty) Ltd
A South African food and beverage manufacturer.

Export South Africa Magazine

Food Export Association of the Midwest USA

Glenmor Soap

Homecoming Revolution
An information portal to attract expatriot South Africans to come home!

The South African Electrical Export Council

UK Trade & Investment
For inward trade and investment options in South Africa.

US AID Southern Africa Division

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"Going the EXTRA Mile" is a guide to the inside facts and finer details of how to export to any African country.
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