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Have you answered each of these questions, BEFORE attempting to export into Africa?

  1. Do you aspire to becoming an exporter into emerging or first world markets?
  2. What do you do first - and why?
  3. Are you an SMME (Small, Micro, Medium Enterprise) wanting to know what to do next?
  4. Are you unsure of what product to export and to where?
  5. How do you approach logistics, tax and duty issues?
  6. Do you understand what the significance of Incoterms 2000 means?
  7. Is your company competitive enough - do you have an export plan?
  8. What about the demand, market acceptability and repeat orders?
  9. Unsure about the quality and credibility of your products?
  10. Do you need guidance in securing payments?
  11. What do you do about offering International warranties or guarantees?
"Going the EXTRA Mile" is a guide to the inside facts and finer details of how to export to any African country.
Its's a practical, hands on account and easy to understand. It uses real examples that applicable
to exporters, manufacturers, distributors, traders and agents. This book shows you how to get the job done.
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