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1. Going the EXTRA Mile


A Guide to Trading in Africa

"Going the EXTRA mile" is written to guide companies, SMMEs' and individuals who wish to glean the inside facts and finer details of how to export to any African country. It's a practical hands-on account, easy to understand and has many reference points giving real examples which would apply to prospective exporters, manufacturers, distributors, traders and agents.

This book shows the reader how to get the job done, as opposed to being told how to do it.


2. Opportunities Abound

An African Trading Guide

This book has been written to offer the same trading facilities to international countries that may want to trade in Africa for the first time. It offers investment opportunities plus other aspects of creating 'business readiness' for one's company.

Opportunities Abound - An African Trading Guide
Foreword by Denis Beckett

For the second time in four years, Luyton spells out the whats, the wheres and most importantly the hows of doing business in Africa and most particularly tropical or "African" Africa. In 2005 Luyton came at it as a young man who had found rewards, both financial and personal, in his own business travels through Africa and took the trouble to put his experiences into writing. For his second edition in 2009 he is virtually the doyen of the industry, the central authority on his subject.

Which tells two tales. One is of congratulation to Luyton, for sticking to his enthusiasms, broadening his vistas, deepening his knowledge, sharpening his commentary. The other is a tale of surprise that the field has been left so empty, for him to re-visit uncluttered. No-one is in doubt that there are special challenges in doing business in Africa. Luyton spells these out very clearly. No-one doubts, either, that "challenge" is really no more than today's optimism-tinged buzzword for "problem". But challenges are meetable, problems are solvable. South African businesspersons, on the whole, take challenges in their stride; handle problems undaunted. Until it comes to "Africa".

Despite several conspicuous exceptions, there remains a general spirit of no-no about "getting into Africa". People wilt a bit. They tell themselves it's risky, it's tricky, they don't know the ground-rules. From Luyton's point that means a terrific opening to spell out more ground-rules more fully. From the broader perspective, further to the rear, that sees much promise in the EUing of Africa's commercial capacity, we ask our business community, politely, to catch on.

We ask it very politely. We who observe and opine are extremely respectful of our peers who do. We know that little is hollower than the sound of those who are not doing a certain thing informing those who are doing that thing how to do it better. So we talk with deference. Which does not mean we have nothing to say. We know that more inter-African business, conducted honourably and ethically, will be good for all of us. We are right to make that point. We are right to seek a generalised upgrading of our involvement in the developing of our neighbourhood. We would not be right to pronounce which particular organisation should be involved in which way in which place.

That's why we're grateful for the Luytons of the world, making the unfamiliar look familiar, making the faraway feel accessible, giving their fellow businesspersons an invitation, with relevant information around it.

I look forward to a third edition not too far ahead. I hope that when that edition comes it will be in a context not of "come on chaps, let's test the water, remember to behave nicely", but a context of "right, now that it's standard practice to dive in, let's build even further on what we know."

"Going the EXTRA Mile" is a guide to the inside facts and finer details of how to export to any African country.
Its's a practical, hands on account and easy to understand. It uses real examples that applicable
to exporters, manufacturers, distributors, traders and agents. This book shows you how to get the job done.
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