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Dispatch Business - Business in a Conflict Zone

Dispatch Business - Handy Tips for Exporters of Appliances

Dispatch Business - Great Marketing Potential to be Found in Ethiopia

Dispatch Business - State Should Subsidise Export Freight

Dispatch Business - Why not start your export drive in Africa?

Maverick - Oiling the Wheels of Progress

The Trade House - Going the Extra Mile

Sawubona - Going the Extra Mile

Export South Africa - Going the Extra Mile
This covers the official launch of "Going the EXTRA Mile" at an event hosted by the Johannesburg Chapter of the SA Exporters Club.

Export South Africa - The Africa Log
This covers Luyton's visit to the annual GITEX Trade show in Dubai.

Export South Africa - Outside Influences and other Phenomena
This covers the criteria one should be aware of when planning a business trip, eg: airlines and related issues.

Export South Africa - Building Trade Relationships
This relates Luyton's experiences whilst integrating with the USDA and Middle East business delegations to Johannesburg.

Export South Africa - Keep on Trucking
This covers the inevitable export 'flat spot' and what to do about it.

Export South Africa - Getting Electrical
This covers the variation of plug types used in Africa and associated voltage issues.

Export South Africa - Export Freight: A Can of Worms
This covers the freight options available for exporters and why.

Export South Africa - Oh to be in Abyssinia!
This covers the current economic climate in Ethiopia, with regards to trading.



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"Going the EXTRA Mile" is a guide to the inside facts and finer details of how to export to any African country.
Its's a practical, hands on account and easy to understand. It uses real examples that applicable
to exporters, manufacturers, distributors, traders and agents. This book shows you how to get the job done.
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